Python Programming Tutorial for Beginners with Example

The Python Interpreter

>>> 2+4
>>> 2/4
>>> 2.0/4
>>> 3 + 5
>>> 3+5
>>> x = 12 # x is a pointer to integer value 4
>>> print x - 2
>>> num_of_guys = 45
>>> num_of_gals = 20
>>> diff = num_of_guys - num_of_gals
>>> print "Hello World"

Mathematical Operations

>>> 2 + 5 (Left to Right)
>>> 2 * 5 (Left to Right)
>>> 5 ...

How to Set Up Redis on a Server and its Use Cases


In this post lets talk about using redis. Redis is an in memory key value store. Unlike other NoSQL engines, it has its own Data Structures, that makes it outshine the others. Redis is really fast, take a look at this benchmarking report. If you are interested in comparison ...

Yet another Python MetaClass Tutorial

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JavaScript Test Driven Development with QUnit - Tutorial

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Behavior Driven Development in Python with Lettuce

Easier Testing of django models and forms

In this post lets talk about, making lives easier while testing django models and forms. This is the fourth article in our Test Driven Development Series. Until now, we have already talked about intro to TDD, basic testing django views and models and functional testing with selenium.

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An introduction to unit testing django views and models

This is the third article in our series of Test Driven Development. In this post we will see, testing different aspects of django viz. views, basics of models. Middlewares & Templatetags, Advanced Models and Forms require a different article altogether, so they are not being covered in detail in this post ...

An intro tutorial to test driven development in python/django

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